Combat poverty with packaging and printed materials

More than three billion people live below the poverty line and survive on an income of less than €4.75 per day, of whom more than 750 million people live on less than €1.65 per day (source: World Bank). The majority of people who belong to this group are farmers. Your choice of packaging and printed materials can make a direct contribution to combating poverty.

Approximately 875 million people across the world work in agriculture. This is equal to 25% of the global workforce (source: ILO). In developing countries, over 50% of the workforce works in agriculture (source: World Bank). The vast majority of people who belong to this group are farmers and extremely poor. The low prices for and yields of food per hectare are the cause of this. Did you know that when plants such as grain, rice, corn, and sugar cane are processed, only 20% of the plant can be used as food and the remaining 80% consists of stems and leaves (agricultural waste)?

PaperWise uses as a raw material for its paper and board the agricultural waste and the plant waste that remains after the farmers have harvested their crops. This means that farmers receive financial compensation for 100% of their plants, as opposed to 20%. By choosing the right material for your packaging and printed materials, you can have a significant impact on the level of prosperity of farmers in developing countries. Please ask your printing partner about PaperWise or ask us for more information. Together we can make a contribution to combating poverty. Wise With Waste, together.

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