Hallmarks for sustainable paper

PaperWise is made from agricultural waste and with 100% green energy. Using agricultural waste as raw material for quality paper is not only logical, but also efficient and innovative. It is so innovative that renowned (environmental) organisations such as FSC, EU Eco label, and the WWF, do not yet acknowledge this agri-waste raw material for paper and paperboard as a possibility in their policy. PaperWise leads the way and is, and wants to be, in consultation with all parties to ensure that agricultural waste becomes the new standard for quality paper and (folding) paperboard. It is almost impossible to go even greener. Therefore, a hallmark like FSC or an EU Eco label is logical.

PaperWise paper complies with the following hallmarks and certifications:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ECF Bleaching
ISO 9706
DIN Home Compostable
OHSAS 18001

Quality Management System
Environmental Management System
Elementary Chlorine Free
Archiving to 100 years
Certified industrial composting
Home Compostable
Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series

paperwise-keurmerk-verticaalkeurmerk-paperwiseWe believe in awareness; together we can connect people and organizations and motivate them for a sustainable society. PaperWise gives agricultural waste a second life.

Use the ‘PaperWise on product logo’ to show that you choose PaperWise products that help to create a sustainable society. The sustainability logo may be used on printed paper and packaging made from PaperWise materials.