High quality and environmentally friendly paper and paperboard

PaperWise is high quality paper and folding paperboard made from agricultural waste (leaves and stems). If choosing PaperWise, you choose quality, the environment, and contribute towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. PaperWise environmentally friendly paper complies with the highest quality standards and is available at an affordable price. The office papers have high whiteness and are perfect for all types of ink. The folding paperboard has a natural color and is particularly suitable as base for folding carton pacakging for food and non-food products and also for brochures and business cards. Of course, PaperWise paper and paperboard can be used multifunctionally and jam free on all printers, photo copiers, fax machines, and printing presses. PaperWise paper has a life span guarantee of up to 100 years (in conformity with ISO 9706, for archiving). PaperWise paper and paperboard is available as printing and copying paper, in small- and wide format sheets and reels in various sizes and weights. It also possible to make and print stationery, notebooks, copybooks, flip boards, and all other conceivable packaging material upon request from the PaperWise selection of paper and folding paperboard.