High quality sustainable paper and paperboard for industrial use

Schools, hospitals, care facilities, and other non profit organizations usually feel strongly about sustainability. You can choose paper with the FSC or EU Eco label or recycled paper. However, by choosing PaperWise environmentally friendly paper and paperboard you go a step further. PaperWise helps you with sustainable purchasing and contributes to obtain your sustainability objectives. With PaperWise, you realize saving the environment, without making concessions to quality. This revolutionary new paper type is made from agricultural waste: stems and leaves that are left over after the edible parts of the plants have been harvested. This agricultural waste is made into paper and paperboard that complies with the highest quality standards, with attention to the customers‘ needs and the environment. PaperWise paper is certified for the ISO 9706 archiving standard that guarantees you to be able to archiving to 100 years. The paper and paperboard is available in various sizes and weights. Notebooks, copybooks, paper reels and sheets, etc. are also possibilities. PaperWise paper can be used completely jam free on all printers, photocopiers, and printing presses. You can also order PaperWise paper and paperboard directly via the webshop or your supplier.

Please contact us if your supplier does not yet supply PaperWise paper and paperboard. You can also contact us here for more information.

Why should you choose PaperWise environmentally friendly paper and paperboard?
  • High quality paper and paperboard;
  • Sustainable purchasing, which contributes to your sustainability objectives;
  • Multifunctional, can be used on all printers, photocopiers, and printing presses;
  • Environmentally friendly paper and paperboard;
  • Free of paper jam;
  • Contributes towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy;
  • Can be used two sidedness ;
  • Bright white paper, which brings colored and black-and-white images to life;

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