High quality sustainable paper and folding paperboard for industrial use

Millions of products are packed in paper and folding paperboard every day. Think, for example, of flower, sugar, bread, vegetables, fruit, soup mixes, sauce mixes, chocolate sprinkles, pizzas, other frozen products, juice boxes, snack boxes, electronics products, perfumes, pills, toys, etc. Because these are always customer-specific products, it’s about large volumes. Moreover, because they have to be mechanically processable at high speed and paper jam free, PaperWise always tunes these paper and paperboard types to customer-specific requirements. By choosing PaperWise paper and folding paperboard, you choose 100% quality, with 50% less environmental impact. PaperWise paper is a revolutionary new type of paper and paperboard that is made from agricultural waste. The quality of this environmentally friendly paper and folding paperboard is excellent and available in various sizes and weights. Please contact us here for more information, free of obligations.

Why should you choose PaperWise environmentally friendly paper and paperboard?
  • High quality paper and paperboard;
  • Multifunctional, can be used for all offset and digital printing;
  • Customer-specific, in small- and wide format sheets and reels, in various weights ;
  • Environmentally friendly sustainable paper and paperboard;
  • Paper jam free;
  • Bright white paper, natural paperboard;
  • Contributes towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy;
  • Sustainable purchasing, which helps you obtain your sustainability objectives.

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