Good news! PaperWise is a certified B Corp™ and has positively completed the comprehensive audit focused on sustainability. In a world where resources are running out, biodiversity is declining, the climate is changing and more than 3 billion people live below the poverty line, action is needed. Action from companies that create positive impact for people, society and the environment in addition to profit. B Corp™ makes sustainability transparent and measurable, providing insight into the sustainable performance of organisations. Where does PaperWise make impact as a company and how does it benefit you?  


The story begins in 2015 when we launch a new type of paper in the European market under the brand name PaperWise. At PaperWise, we believe the paper industry can and must become even more sustainable. To achieve that goal, PaperWise is radically changing tack and presenting paper made from agricultural waste for packaging, printing and office supplies. Agricultural waste is plant residues such as stems and leaves left over after harvesting food crops such as wheat, barley, rye, rice, hemp and sugar cane. These secondary raw materials provide many environmental benefits in addition to additional income for farmers in developing countries where PaperWise is produced. PaperWise’s environmental impact is 47% lower than paper from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper.


In 2015, PaperWise still lacked labels or certifications. Interest in environmentally friendly PaperWise paper has been huge since its introduction, but customers demand labels, certifications and proof. An independent environmental comparative study in the form of a life cycle assessment (LCA) showed the huge environmental gains of 47% and 29% between PaperWise, paper from trees and recycled paper. This was quickly followed by certifications for industrial composting EN 13432, home composting DIN CERTCO food safety EC 1935/2004, recycling and now certification for sustainability as certified B Corp™.


In addition to a sustainable product, customers also want to know how sustainable the organization behind the product is. B Corp™ makes PaperWise’s sustainability transparent and measurable. All PaperWise processes, policies, governance, certifications and claims have been verified through an intensive audit. The B Corp™ certification is an additional guarantee to customers that sustainable claims and assertions are true and that processes within PaperWise are sustainable. It is awarded only to for-profit companies that have proven to have a major positive impact on people and the environment. All companies united under the B Corp™ banner are driven by a shared mission to improve the world.


B Corp™ stands for ‘Benefit Corporation’. Building together a society where everyone and everything benefits. Since its inception in 2006, the B Global Network has grown into a powerful global movement with more than 8,500 B Corp™ certified companies across 162 industries in 98 countries. B Lab™ is the organisation behind B Corp™ certification. To become B Corp™ certified, you need to successfully complete the B Impact Assessment. In addition to the B Impact Assessment, B Lab™ also develops standards, policies, tools and programmes on sustainability. B Lab™ promotes a global movement of companies that not only pursue profit, but also generate positive impact for people, society and the environment.


At the heart of the B Corp™ movement is the B Impact Assessment, a very comprehensive and thorough survey that assesses companies on their social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The B Impact Assessment measured PaperWise’s impact through more than 300 in-depth questions in the areas of governance, environment, community, employees and customers. Full disclosure on business processes and policies is key in this journey.


PaperWise passed the B Impact Assessment positively and achieved an excellent score of 100.3 points. A sustainability profile has been compiled from this score, which is publicly presented on the B Corp™ website. The PaperWise profile can be found via the following link: PaperWise B Corp™ page. The validity period of PaperWise’s B Corp™ certification is 3 years, a nice period to make our organisation even more sustainable so that the score can be higher next time.


For PaperWise, the B Corp™ certification means more than just recognition. It is an affirmation of its contribution to a better world for all. A world where companies not only measure success in profit, but also in their impact on the future. Being a B Corp™ demonstrates as an organisation that you are leading the way in transforming the global economy for the benefit of people and the planet. As a B Corp™, PaperWise embraces a new chapter of growth, responsibility and inspiration.

“As a certified B Corp™, we not only reinforce our motto ‘Wise With Waste’, but also demonstrate our overall positive impact on the world and society. Wise With Waste, together.”

-Peter van Rosmalen, CEO PaperWise- 


Do you too want to make an impact with your business? Choosing PaperWise can be a great start. Not sure where to start or have another question? Feel free to call or email us with no obligation. We would love to get in touch with you.


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