PaperWise Proudly Certified for Recycling

We are proud to announce that PaperWise is officially certified for paper recycling according to the rigorous CEPI standard, the ‘CEPI’s Recyclability Laboratory Test Method (Version 2)’. A big step for us, which we are happy to tell you a bit more about and why it matters to you. In an era where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, the demand for recyclable products and materials has increased exponentially. Paper, one of the most everyday consumer items, plays a crucial role in this shift towards a circular economy. 

The importance of paper recycling

Recycling paper not only means reusing old paper, but also reducing pressure on natural resources. Recycling paper conserves forests, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It fits perfectly into the bigger picture of the circular economy, in which raw materials are used and reused in a continuous cycle, significantly reducing environmental impact.

PaperWise: Sustainability and Quality Hand in Hand

What sets PaperWise apart is not only its use of secondary raw materials (agricultural waste), but also the unparalleled quality of its paper and board. PaperWise is unique because of its focus on both quality and sustainability. We are therefore proud to announce that we have passed the paper recycling certification process with flying colours with all PaperWise papers. Proof that customers need not compromise on quality when choosing the most sustainable paper for their packaging, printing and stationery.


Recycling with PaperWise

One of PaperWise’s powerful features is that it can be recycled effortlessly along with other types of paper. This contributes to the more efficient use of raw materials and promotes a closed-loop system. This confirms once again that cellulose from agricultural waste is an excellent virgin raw material for the production of high-quality paper and board. PaperWise’s cellulose fibre comes directly from the plant, has not yet been recycled and is therefore a quality enhancement for recycled paper.

Certification by PTS according to the test method of CEPI’s recyclability laboratory

PaperWise’s certification for recycling has been carefully carried out by PTS in Germany. PTS, Papiertechnische Stiftung, is known for its thorough assessments of paper and cardboard for recycling purposes. We are proud of our cooperation with PTS, which has helped us demonstrate that PaperWise paper meets the highest standards in paper recycling. The certification was carried out according to ‘CEPI’s Recyclability Laboratory Test Method (Version 2)’ standard.

This method, developed by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), gives a thorough insight into the recyclability of paper. A ‘recyclability score’ is assigned to the tested papers, making their recycling performance transparent.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about PaperWise, have questions or would like to receive samples, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send an email to or contact us by phone on +31 492 849 575.

At PaperWise, we are excited about the future of sustainability and look forward to working with you to contribute to a world where responsible use of materials is the norm. In addition to certification for recycling, PaperWise is also certified for food safety (EC1935/2004), industrial composting (EN13432) and home composting (DIN CERTCO HOME COMPOSTABLE).



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