There are approximately over 7 billion people on earth. For our food supply, we grow more and more plants and crops. The food industry only uses a small portion of that: generally, only the seeds, fruits, roots, and juices. Concretely, this means that merely 15% to 20% of the over 16,500 billion kilograms of agricultural products are used as food. Billions of tons of agricultural residu, or agricultural waste, remain. A part of this can serve as animal feed, but a very large part is burned onsite or ends up in power stations where it will be burned to generate energy; which is a shame because it would be best to process the agricultural waste into raw material for PaperWise paper and paperboard. This can, like all other high quality paper types, be recycled up to 7 times. After that, it can always be burned to generate energy or even better: by means of anaerobic digestion into biogas and compost, the end result is that we have made energy and manure out of waste. PaperWise white paper consists of >85% agri-waste and natural brown is 100% agri-waste. Considering PaperWise meets the highest quality standards, there is no reason to not switch to paper made of agri-waste.