‘Wise With Waste’, that is the vision of PaperWise. Why would you burn agricultural waste when it can be made into a perfect raw material for paper? High quality PaperWise paper and paperboard is made from agricultural waste (leaves and stems) with 100% green energy. From agricultural waste, also called agri-waste, we recover cellulose, which is the most important raw material for paper. With a lot of attention to our customers’ needs and the environment, PaperWise converts this cellulose into high quality sustainable paper and paperboard. You will not be able to see or feel the difference between PaperWise and other A-brand paper and paperboard. By choosing PaperWise, you choose to give agricultural waste a second life for the production of sustainable paper and paperboard. The majority of the Paperwise collection consisted of 100% agri-waste. You can read more about this in our FAQ. The amount of agri-waste replaces the amount of fibres from trees and so these trees no longer need to be specially planted, but can stay where they are to absorb CO2 and turn it into oxygen; to become regular forests again with a large diversity of life and biodiversity. Highly efficient, food and paper from the same plant, annual available and we need only one piece of land. The yield per ha that is almost 1,5 as high as trees.

The choice is simple: if you want to combine quality with sustainable life, you will from now on choose high quality, environmentally friendly paper and (folding) paperboard from PaperWise.

The environmental advantage in numbers

paperwise co2More and more companies want to reduce their environmental footprint and PaperWise contributes to this ambition. When using PaperWise companies reduce their CO2 output what will lead to lower environmental impact which will result in lower cost for CO2 compensation. The impact on climate change, as calculated by the ReCiPe midpoint 1.07 method in terms of CO2 equivalents per 1000kg PaperWise:

CO2 savings per 1,000 kg PaperWise paper is:
Compared to FSC paper from wood fibers: – 231 kg (-20%), CO2-equivalents
Compared to recycled paper:                          – 756 kg (-45%), CO2-equivalents

LCA environmental research PaperWise

The environmental impact of products goes beyond climate change. That is why PaperWise has conducted an independent environmental research carried out by IVAM University of Amsterdam.

Environmental impact PaperWise is 47% lower than FSC paper from wood fibers and 29% lower than recycled paper

Environmental ENIVAM University of Amsterdam has conducted an independent environmental study. An LCA quick scan according to the ReCiPe midpoint 1.07 method. The LCA environmental study compared the environmental impact of FSC paper made from wood fibres, recycled paper, and PaperWise. The environmental study calculated the impact on the environment of the use of raw materials, energy, water, chemicals, machines and wasteover the life cycle of a product. The environmental calculation represents the entire chain, from raw material extraction, production, packaging, and transportation. ReCiPe is a method for impact assessment (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) in a life cycle analysis (LCA). In an LCA, the environmental impact of a product (or organization) is calculated based on the input of required materials and processes. ISO standards 14040 and 14044 form the generic framework for this. ReCiPe distinguishes between indicator scores on the three themes (endpoints): human health, diversity of the ecosystem, and availability of resources. The three themes are sub-divided into 17 environmental indicators at the midpoint level such as climate changing CO2, eco-toxicity to soil and water, particulate matter formation, human toxicity, effects of land use, ozone layer depletion, smog formation, depletion of fossil resources, soil acidification, etc. An LCA calculation provides a very comprehensive picture of the total environmental impact of a product. PaperWise scored 47% better than FSC paper made from wood fibers and 29% better than recycled paper.

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