PaperWise privacy policy

Personal data collected by PaperWise will be treated confidentially in accordance with the European legal requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that entered into force on 25 May 2018. PaperWise does not share any personal data with other parties.

PaperWise records the personal data of business contacts and data subjects in different software packages. The purpose of recording personal data and data related to organizations is to maintain contacts, deliver goods, and invoice deliveries. PaperWise has drawn up processor agreements with all suppliers that process or store personal data for PaperWise. These agreements comply with European legislation and regulations.

A member of Paperwise’s board of directors fulfils the role of Data Protection Officer within PaperWise. This person is responsible for the formulated policy, the records containing all data and instances of processing, the policy for the protection of personal data, and the digital security of the data.

Cookie policy
A cookie is a small, simple file that is sent by PaperWise’s website when you visit one of its pages. This cookie is then stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. You can disable these cookies via your browser.

A cookie notification on is not necessary.
In order to make the website better and more user-friendly, PaperWise only places cookies to anonymously track visitors to the PaperWise website. We use Google Analytics for this purpose. Your computer’s IP address is anonymized and then stored on Google’s servers (see Google’s privacy policy). As we anonymize the IP addresses, we are not legally required to notify you when we place a cookie.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
PaperWise does not have any influence over these websites. Buttons that are included to promote pages or to share content on social networks are implemented with code that is written by that platform. This code also places a cookie (see above). Please read the privacy policies of FacebookTwitterInstagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to see how they handle your personal data. PaperWise does not use tracking pixels on Social Media.

Data subjects affiliated with PaperWise can send an e-mail to to request for access to, rectification of, or erasure of personal data. Data covered by statutory retention periods cannot be deleted.