High quality sustainable paper for wholesalers

More frequently, your customers may ask for sustainable products and solutions. The FSC label or EU Eco label are well-known hallmarks for sustainable paper and paperboard for packaging material and office paper. With PaperWise, you move to the next generation paper and you will definitely have the best paper when it comes to quality and environmentally friendly paper and paperboard. The most important raw material for PaperWise paper and paperboard is agricultural waste. This revolutionary new paper type is produced from stems and leaves that are left over after the edible parts of the plants have been harvested. This agricultural waste material is made into high quality paper and (folding) paperboard. PaperWise is a unique product with a low environmental impact, which will definitely excite your customers. We offer attentive sales support and will take care of the sales training for your employees regarding internal and external services. If you would like to receive more information, please contact us free of obligations. We will be happy to discuss PaperWise sustainable paper and paperboard with you.

Why should you choose PaperWise environmentally friendly paper and paperboard?
  • High quality paper and (folding) paperboard;
  • Innovation for your current or new customers;
  • Extensive sales support;
  • All paper and paperboard is available from stock;
  • Environmentally friendly sustainable paper and (folding) paperboard;
  • Contributes towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy;
  • Selection can be adjusted specifically to the requirements of the customer.

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