Qualitively sustainable paper for companies

By choosing PaperWise, you choose 100% quality and 50% less environmental impact in comparison to FSC virgin paper, which is made from fresh wood fibers. With FSC paper, you already choose for quality and the environment, but with PaperWise you move a step forward in future. Sustainable purchasing becomes easy and tangible. PaperWise paper is a revolutionary new paper type that is made from agricultural waste. The quality of this environmentally friendly paper and paperboard is excellent. The paper and paperboard is available in various sizes and weights. Upon request, notebooks, copybooks, paper reels and wide sheets, etc. can also be supplied. The PaperWise paper can be used completely free of paper jam on all printers, photocopiers, and printing presses. The (folding) paperboard is perfectly suitable for, among others things, packaging and brochures.
You can order PaperWise paper and paperboard directly via the webshop or your supplier. Does your supplier not supply PaperWise paper yet? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Would you like to receive more information? Contact us free of obligations by clicking here.

Why should you choose PaperWise environmentally friendly paper and paperboard?
  • High quality paper and paperboard;
  • Sustainable purchasing, which helps you achieve your sustainability objectives;
  • Multifunctional, it can be used on all printers, photocopiers, and printing presses;
  • Free of paper jam;
  • Bright white paper, which brings colored and black-and-white images to life;
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable paper and paperboard;
  • Contributes towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

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