What if healthy food, clean drinking water, a livable income, education and medical assistance are not a given? PaperWise is produced in factories in India and South America; regions where unfortunately there is still a lot of poverty. Fortunately, the awareness is growing that things can be done differently, that we must take responsibility, together creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Do you want to actively contribute to this? Then you could decide to start buying products from sustainable companies, such as PaperWise, which are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PaperWise is contributing to a better world and positively changing the paper industry. PaperWise’s focus is on people and the environment, using the SDGs as a compass. By leading by example, PaperWise motivates the paper industry, politicians, companies and consumers to change with it. In order to contribute together to a better world for everyone.


In line with this vision, PaperWise has adopted a donation policy since 2022. Every year, between 3% and 5% of net profit (after tax) is donated to projects in the regions where PaperWise is produced. In doing so, PaperWise contributes to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities in these regions. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a better world? By choosing PaperWise, you contribute to the social, environmental and economic development of these regions. The more companies and people choose PaperWise > the larger the amount to be donated > and the greater the impact.


The total amount donated by PaperWise is divided proportionally among the various paper mills where PaperWise paper and board is produced. PaperWise consults the mills on development projects in their regions. This is how PaperWise came into contact with the Propal Foundation in 2022. A private, social foundation in Colombia, which rolls out development programmes to improve the quality of life of poor communities in local regions. During PaperWise’s factory visit to Colombia last year, PaperWise founder Peter van Rosmalen (left) and Eduoardo Posada (right), Executive Director of the Propal Foundation, met. And Peter handed over the first $5000 donation to Propal on behalf of PaperWise.


Filling a glass with clean drinking water from the tap. Plenty of fresh fruit and healthy food for young children and pregnant mothers. An own market stall, to sell locally made goods to earn a livable income. Free medical assistance from the medical centre set up by Propal. All concrete examples of facilities that, since its inception 30 years ago, have been realised by the Propal Foundation.

The Propal Foundation focuses on four social development programmes: ‘Health’, ‘Young Children’, ‘Income Generation’ and the ‘Good Neighbours Programme’. Through these programmes, the foundation contributes to economic, social and environmental development of local communities in the vicinity of the paper mills. Of course, the foundation cannot do this alone. Propal works together with the Colombian government, NGOs, (inter)national parties, regional industries and universities to create as much impact as possible. The medical centre, for example, employs more than 50 medicine students from the University of Cali, Colombia’s 2nd largest city with 4 million inhabitants.

PaperWise’s donation directly benefited the social development programme focusing on healthy nutrition for young children and pregnant mothers. The aim of this project: to combat malnutrition in this poverty-stricken area while educating the community on the importance of healthy food in collaboration with parents and teachers. Good nutrition, especially in the first six years of a child’s life, is essential for strong cognitive and physical development. PaperWise’s money has been invested in the nutrition project in which around 500 boys and girls (0-6 years) and pregnant mothers from the Cauca region will participate by 2023.


As a social enterprise, PaperWise is day by day aware of its vision: to contribute to a future-proof world. And every day PaperWise looks at how -within its assets- it can best fulfil this vision. By committing to the Propal Foundation and donating money, PaperWise contributes to several SDGs together with the foundation: 1 (no poverty), 2 (no hunger), 3 (good health and well-being), 4 (education), 6 (clean water and sanitation), 8 (fair work and economic growth), 12 (sustainable consumption and production) and 17 (partnership).

PaperWise is just the connecting link. It is PaperWise’s customers who choose to have their printing and packaging made from PaperWise paper and board. It is these customers who make the donations possible. All customers who have already chosen PaperWise and all new customers to come contribute. Connection strengthens and accelerates the path to a future-proof world. Together, we can make a difference.