High quality and sustainable paper for private use

Almost every household uses paper for printing, copying, coloring, and writing. Do you want to combine high quality paper with sustainability? If so, from now on you should choose PaperWise. This revolutionary new paper is made from agricultural waste: Leaves and stems that are left over after the edible parts of the plants have been harvested. This agricultural waste is made into high quality paper, with great care and attention for the customers’ needs and the environment. By using paper from PaperWise, you make an actual and simple contribution to the preservation of the earth.

Why should you choose PaperWise environmentally friendly paper?
  • High quality paper;
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable paper;
  • Waste will become valuable as a raw material;
  • Prevents the unnecessary felling of trees;
  • Bright white paper, which brings colored and black-and-white images to life;
  • Multifunctional for all printers, fax machines, and photocopiers;

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