Excellent service

PaperWise believes in awareness; together we can connect people and organizations and motivate them for a sustainable society. PaperWise paper and paperboard is pre-eminently a sustainable product. We do everything to make our product easily available; you are guaranteed the best service. We are proud of the high quality of PaperWise paper and paperboard and we are convinced that you will be satisfied. We offer quick delivery, with 24-hour a day ordering, and you can decide for yourself how much paper or paperboard you want to order. We believe it is important that you are well informed with transparency about PaperWise sustainable paper and paperboard. Therefore, we would like to explain the environmental benefit and show you the benefit in objective, real figures. We are happy to provide you with more information or advice. Innovation is central at PaperWise. Continuous innovation guarantees the highest quality. We will continue to innovate until all of our paper products are made from 100% agricultural waste. We will continue to expand the selection of sustainable paper and paperboard, while ensuring our customer’s requirements is the primary focus. If you have a request for a paper type outside the current selection, please contact us by clicking here.