PaperWise NOMINATED FOR BNR news radio’s The Green Quest Awards

Over the past 40 weeks, the Dutch radio station BNR (Business News Radio) has spent its weekly broadcasts searching for the most sustainable companies in the Netherlands. The Green Quest is inspired by the urgency to meet the climate goals. BNR news radio is encouraging the business sector to bring the most sustainable innovations to market more rapidly. PaperWise is among the 40 most innovative companies in the Netherlands and was therefore nominated for The Green Quest Awards!

Radio presenter Harm Edens was aided in this search by six sustainability experts: Jacqueline Cramer (former environmental minister and professor of sustainable innovation), Chantal Vergouw (CEO of Interpolis), Annemarie Rakhorst (sustainable investor, founder of, Marleen Prins (COO ENGIE), Milan Meyberg (sustainability strategist and consultant) and Wisse Hummel (Innovation Officer at ENGIE).

In total, 140 submissions were put forward as entrants to win The Green Quest Awards. All participants, including ABN AMRO, Royal Haskoning DHV, Signify, BAM, FrieslandCampina, Sodexo, and PaperWise, were included in BNR’s Green Gallery. The 40 most sustainable innovations in the Netherlands were invited to join Harm Edens live on air to explain their sustainable innovations. Founder Peter van Rosmalen represented PaperWise for the announcement of The Green Quest winners on 22 June.

The jury considered the reductions in CO2 emissions and the reductions in resource use. The companies were assessed on the following criteria:

the sustainable solution must help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases or reduce consumption of resources in a measurable way.

the sustainable solution must be applicable for as many other companies as possible.

the solution must be affordable (the more cost-efficient, the better).

the CO2 reduction or amount of resources saved must be expressed in figures.

the solution must be innovative in nature.

‘I am extremely proud,’ explains Peter van Rosmalen. ‘ We work hard with our highly motivated enthusiastic team to make the paper industry more sustainable together with thousands of customers in 19 countries. Each day, we prove that it is possible to use the stems and leaves that are left after harvesting (agricultural waste) as a valuable raw material for PaperWise’s sustainable and socially responsible paper and board for printing, packaging and office supplies.’


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