PaperWise takes third spot in Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100

PaperWise is a proud finalist in the 16th edition of the KVK Innovation Top 100. In this top 100, the most successful innovations from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are listed. Over the past 15 years, this award has become the largest and most important innovation prize for SMEs in the Netherlands. A panel of innovation experts revealed the top 3 from a selection of more than 330 entries on February 2nd and chose as the winner. PaperWise is proud to finish on the third place and congratulates the numbers 1 and 2 (Schouten Europe BV) with the great honor.

Focus on sustainable innovations

This year’s KVK Innovation Top 100 focused on sustainable innovations. KVK’s mission is to stimulate the growth of SMEs. Innovation is therefore one of the most important pillars. This pillar is expressed in the KVK Innovation Top 100. Innovation is one of the main pillars for the survival of companies. PaperWise hopes, just like organizer KVK, that the KVK Innovation Top 100 inspires entrepreneurs to work on their own innovation plans. Innovation does not always have to be rocket science, it’s within everyone’s reach.

Together wise with waste

“I am super proud”, says founder Peter van Rosmalen. “We are working very hard with a highly motivated and enthusiastic team to make the paper industry more sustainable together with thousands of customers spread over 23 countries. Our paper revolution continues, every day! Every day we prove that it is possible to use stems and leaves left over after the harvest (agricultural waste) as valuable raw material for the sustainable and socially responsible PaperWise paper and board for offices, printing and packaging.”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to create a world in which we could upgrade agricultural waste and other plant residues to high-quality paper and cardboard in a safe and environmentally friendly way, and also let the people working in the chain benefit fairly and equally from this new economy? Do you want to take part in this paper revolution and make the world a little more beautiful together? We will gladly provide you with information and paper samples.


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