PaperWise Finalist in Dutch Chamber of Commerce Innovation competition

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (abbreviation: KvK) announced on November 22 that PaperWise is included as a finalist in the 16th edition of their Innovation Top 100 contest. “Paper can still be much more sustainable, PaperWise believes. The paper industry has already taken many steps to relieve the environment, by saving energy, water, chemicals, emissions and waste. PaperWise goes one step further and has also made the raw material more sustainable, using agricultural waste to do so.” A panel of innovation experts revealed the selection from more than 330 entries for listing in the annual KvK Innovation Top 100.

What comprises the KvK innovation top 100?

Every year, since 2007, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce presents the KVK Innovation Top 100, a showcase of successful innovations from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The power of the KVK Innovation Top 100 is to show what the Dutch SME’s are capable of. Over the past 15 years this prize has become the largest and most important innovation prize for SMEs in the Netherlands.

All nominations are judged on their impact on the industry and society, originality, availability and realized turnover and growth potential. Each time, an expert jury establishes a new ranking. And every year they are surprised by the diversity and quality of the entries. This year too, the number one naturally takes the top honors. It is a qualification that as a company one is leading and innovating in the industry.

This year it should be noted that the KVK Innovation Top 100 is dominated by sustainable innovations. Almost half, or 49 of the 100 nominated innovations have a sustainable character. It is a great initiative to put sustainable innovations in the spotlight and to encourage them. KVK’s mission is to stimulate the growth of SMEs. Innovation is an important factor in this. The Netherlands has traditionally been known as an innovation country. The culture of innovation has always served as the engine of economic progress and prosperity.

Why PaperWise participates in the KvK innovation top 100

Innovation is one of the most important pillars in the survival of companies. PaperWise hopes, just like organizer KVK, that the Innovation Top 100 will inspire entrepreneurs to work on their own innovation plans. After all, innovation doesn’t always have to be rocket science, it’s within everyone’s reach.

The year prior to the launch of PaperWise, founder Peters 6-year-old granddaughter asked, “Grandpa, if you use up everything, what will be left for us?” The seed had been planted: The time was ripe for a revolution in paper land! And so innovation came to PaperWise founder Peter van Rosmalen.

Under the motto: “If I don’t change, why should you?” Peter began his search for factories that would upgrade agricultural waste into high-quality paper and cardboard for him. Van Rosmalen cut the knot at the age of 55: he wanted to renew the paper industry with his own company. His previous employers in the packaging industry also wanted to become more sustainable, but not moving fast enough. The paper revolution had to be set in motion, no matter what.

PaperWise supplies a wide range of paper and cardboard for packaging and printing made from agricultural waste. These are the plant residues left over after the harvest of food crops. The environmental impact of PaperWise is 47% lower than paper from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper. In addition, PaperWise is carbon neutral, fully recyclable and reduces unnecessary tree felling. PaperWise is certified for direct contact with food and certified for composting, both industrial EN 13432 and Home Composting.

Partner in Innovation: Tapp.Online smart paper against E-waste

In the quest of PaperWise to leave the world a little more beautiful for future generations, PaperWise is joining forces with like-minded companies, including partner PaperWise is pleased to see that they are also nominated for the finals of the KVK Innovation Top 100 this year. But what does do and what is the role of PaperWise in this? has developed an innovation called Smart Paper. Sensors in PaperWise packaging and labels measure and log the temperature, humidity, shock, oxygen level or whatever during transport worldwide. To view the data, only a smartphone with NFC reader is needed. Special software, apps, cables, electricity and batteries are completely unnecessary. This innovation makes data logging simple, affordable, recyclable and prevents e-waste. Both sender and receiver can very easily view and analyze all data simultaneously. Smart Paper helps companies provide insight into big data, cut costs, improve information transfer and reduce e-waste.

Why do Tapp.Online and PaperWise choose each other?

Both PaperWise and believe in each other’s innovation and believe in providing the market with the best solution by working together in a synergistic way. Solutions that contribute to a better world. By not burning agricultural waste but giving it value in the form of paper and paperboard, big steps forward are made in the area of environment and prosperity. Sensors in paperboard packaging and labels save costs, make information accessible and prevent e-waste.

By joining forces we can multiply the environmental benefit. Differently put: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. It is simultaneously encouraging and affirming that both innovations have now been awarded a nomination. We are therefore proud that together, shoulder to shoulder, we can participate in the KVK Innovation Top 100 of 2021.

May the best win

Although both parties naturally want to win, this is not the main focus. It is purely about the best innovations produced by the Dutch business community. To put these companies in the spotlight and to celebrate innovation in general. We wish all the best.

When is the result? And can I come and watch?

During the 16th edition of the KVK Innovation Top 100 on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the KVK will announce who will lead the ranking of 2021. Reserve February 2 in your agenda.

It will be a fully online program, accessible to everyone free of charge. However, you need to register in advance to attend the programs. There are two sessions you can participate in.

In the morning (12:30 – 15:00):
energetic speakers will give proven tips and advice, former participants of the KVK Innovation Top 100 will share their inspiring story and you will learn how you can take practical steps yourself to keep innovating.

Then in the afternoon (15:00 – 18:30):
The KVK announces the winner of the 16th edition of! From 15:00 they present an online event. Through appealing examples of innovations from the past, present and future, they show how Dutch entrepreneurs do business in an innovative way. Would you like to see live who the winner of KVK Innovation Top 100 of 2021 will be? Sign up (only available in Dutch) and watch the exciting final live with us!


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