Coronavirus crisis decreases turnover but leads to environmental gains

The coronavirus crisis has caused a 50% drop in PaperWise’s turnover for photocopying paper among our existing clients! Given that PaperWise’s photocopying paper is mostly delivered to companies where most of their employees have started working from home, we’re not surprised by this drop. However, this reduced turnover has also resulted in environmental gains and increased demand for sustainability!

We have run the numbers and compared some figures with those of previous years. Since PaperWise was created in 2015, we have delivered sustainable PaperWise printing and photocopying paper over 100 clients in the Netherlands and abroad. This does not include the wholesalers that sell our environmentally friendly printing and photocopying paper. Our findings showed that, on average, our turnover halved among existing clients due to the coronavirus measures. This can be explained by the fact that many employees are working from home and not taking the copying paper from work home with them. We’re also asking ourselves whether the coronavirus crisis has been that final push towards paperless office.

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Until 2010, the European market for various types of graphic paper has continued to grow. This includes paper for books, magazines, brochures, stationery, envelopes, as well as printing and photocopying paper (Source: CEPI Key Statistics). As of 2010, we have seen the European market for graphic paper shrink rapidly. In 2019, that market shrank by 40% relative to 2010. The main cause of this is digitalization. We read the news digitally. Brochures have been replaced by websites. Invoices and flyers are sent by e-mail, and both copying and printing behaviours are changing. On an annual basis, this represents a shrinkage amounting to almost 4.5% a year. By comparison, a 50% reduction in printing and photocopying paper (among existing clients) in a number of months is huge.

But let’s look at this in a positive light – because at PaperWise, we believe in the power of positive thinking. From day one, we have included the following message on the front of our sustainable PaperWise photocopying paper: ‘Nature knows no waste. Together we turn waste into beautiful paper. If possible, use less paper. If you use paper, choose PaperWise’. At PaperWise, we are happy that the coronavirus crisis has had a positive effect by drastically reducing the amount of paper used. It contributes to our mission to make the world a better place. Although PaperWise is the most sustainable printing and photocopying paper available, not using anything at all is even better!

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Despite the reduction in PaperWise’s turnover for printing and photocopying paper (among existing clients) due to the coronavirus crisis, we have noticed that the market has completely embraced sustainability. Increasing numbers of people and companies are realizing that sustainability is the new normal, rather than some fad. Demand for information and samples of sustainable packaging and printed materials has never been higher. PaperWise continues to grow strongly in 2020. At the end of the third quarter in 2020, we were once again able to help an extra 35% of clients, compared with the previous year, achieve their sustainability goals. We are very proud of this and extremely happy with the result. After all, together we are making a positive contribution to a better world!

Would you also like to know how you can make a positive contribution to a better world by choosing PaperWise paper and board? Are you interested in learning how agricultural residues can be made into raw materials for high-quality paper? Are you open to joining forces to ensure a circular economy? Would you like to make photocopying paper available for your employees who are working from home? If you responded positively to one of the questions above, then contact us or request an example package containing all the types of paper that PaperWise offers. We would be happy to help.


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