With growing awareness of sustainability as well as a growing market, PaperWise sees demand for sustainable cosmetics packaging increasing. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global cosmetics packaging market will be worth $35.9 billion by 2025. A huge market with the potential to make a big difference. More and more cosmetics brands are looking to reduce the environmental impact of both their products and their packaging. So they are looking for sustainable cosmetics packaging that also looks luxurious. PaperWise offers the solution with a comprehensive range of paperboard grades for sustainable luxury cosmetics packaging. All are based on plant fibres that are left over from agricultural harvests. What options are available?


The beauty and cosmetics industry is focused on creating high quality, premium products that are effective and have a luxurious appearance. This luxury appeal is largely shaped by the design and choice of packaging materials. “Packaging is the first thing consumers see, making it a very powerful marketing communication tool. Consumers need to be positively stimulated. Attractive packaging encourages consumers to buy. And sustainable packaging, communicated on the packaging, positively influences the consumer,” says Peter van Rosmalen, CEO of PaperWise. Increased consumer awareness of sustainability is driving strong growth in demand for environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging. Cosmetics brands are also reinforcing their brand image and product experience with sustainable packaging.

Companies that are consciously looking for sustainable packaging materials can turn to PaperWise. PaperWise board is ideal for luxury sustainable cosmetics packaging. Because PaperWise is produced in an environmentally responsible way from agricultural waste (the plant residues left over after agricultural harvesting), PaperWise is 47% better for the environment than paper made from trees and 29% better than recycled paper. In addition, PaperWise paper and board has been completely carbon neutral since 2022. So replacing cosmetic packaging made from trees or recycled paperboard with PaperWise packaging made from agricultural waste delivers immediate environmental benefits! And, when communicated, increases consumer awareness.


Cosmetics packaging contributes significantly to the product experience and brand image. So the choice of paperboard type and therefore also the colour of the paperboard plays a very important role in developing sustainable cosmetics packaging. With the current PaperWise range – in white, ivory and light brown – PaperWise responds to the different needs from the cosmetics and beauty industry.

PaperWise Natural

This paperboard type within the PaperWise range fully fulfils the needs of cosmetics brands looking for a distinctly natural look. An example is Kenko skincare; they very deliberately choose PaperWise Natural packaging for their high-quality natural and organic oils for mother and baby. The agricultural fibres remaining after harvesting are processed without bleaching, giving the paperboard a naturally beautiful natural light brown colour on both sides. Often this characteristic colour of PaperWise Natural is the main colour in the design of sustainable cosmetics packaging. We also see PaperWise adding colour and corporate identity elements with thoughtful precision without printing the entire package. Great for the look of the packaging, positive for the environmental impact and recycling after use.

PaperWise Natural Coated 1 Side White

This type of paperboard manages to combine the worlds of sustainability, hygiene and purity. PaperWise Natural Coated 1 Side White has a natural white clay coating on one side, making it a very popular board type for many sustainable cosmetics packaging. Brands that want to exude hygiene, beauty and sparkling colours place the white side on the outside of the packaging. It allows them to pleasantly surprise consumers as soon as the packaging is opened. The natural light brown colour of the packaging on the inside shows at a glance that sustainable packaging has been chosen.  But of course, cosmetics brands can play with the white and light brown colour by choosing which side goes on the inside or outside of the packaging. Both sides, both the coated white and uncoated light brown side, can be printed excellently in shades of colour and black.

PaperWise Ivory

Experience the magic of PaperWise Ivory paperboard. The creamy white ivory colour of CO2-neutral PaperWise Ivory gives sustainable cosmetics packaging a sophisticated, luxurious look. Warmer than white and lighter than the light brown of PaperWise Natural, PaperWise Ivory is in the middle of these colour tones. Consumers will immediately recognise that this is eco-friendly cosmetics packaging. The soft creamy white ivory colour is obtained by bleaching the board free of chlorine (ECF) and without optical brighteners. This ensures PaperWise Ivory’s low environmental impact. The multilayer board is of a very high quality, allowing packaging to be opened and closed almost endlessly. This will contribute to the feeling of luxury and quality. Both sides can be printed excellently and razor-sharp.

PaperWise Ivory Coated 1 Side White

This paperboard guarantees beautiful colours on a snow-white background and makes consumers’ eyes naturally gravitate towards sustainable cosmetics packaging. PaperWise Ivory Coated 1 Side White is coated with a natural white clay coating on 1 side and can thus replace existing cosmetics packaging with a white substrate for a much more sustainable variant. The colour shade on the other side of the board is formed by the base of the material and has a chic creamy white ivory colour. Both sides allow excellent printing in shades of colour and black. The high-quality CO2-neutral paperboard is composed of several layers. This makes the material highly resistant to frequent folding. Designs where printing inks or foil print across the corners are perfectly possible with this type of paperboard without the paperboard, inks or foil breaking. Both types of PaperWise Ivory (coated and uncoated) can be printed on offset and digital printing presses.


By continuing to innovate and expand its range, PaperWise aims to get more and more brands moving. This includes cosmetics brands that serve a growing market and can make a significant difference with their choice of sustainable packaging materials. Thinking of the billions of cosmetics products out there, there is a world of environmental gains to be made. The more brands choose PaperWise, the more agricultural waste we give a second life together, the more CO2 we save, the more trees remain, the more farmers in developing countries earn extra money from agricultural waste. Choosing PaperWise is choosing a future-proof world with a circular economy where waste is not waste. Curious? Visit our webshop for all product descriptions and specifications or simply request a free sample folder with all PaperWise paperboard types via the button below.


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