Sustainable gift packaging Weleda

Gift packages just add a little something extra. A feeling of attention, surprise and appreciation when you spend beautiful moments with your family or friends, for example during the holidays. But how do you combine an environmentally responsible gift packaging with a beautiful, luxurious look? See how Weleda puts those two together.

Weleda, a producer of 100% natural face and body care products, shows with various eco gift boxes from PaperWise that beautiful and environmentally responsible indeed go hand in hand! As of its founding 1921, Weleda has always kept the planet in mind and has grown into a global market leader in certified natural personal care products. PaperWise is a seamless fit for Weleda’s mission to bring nature back to us while taking good care of and protecting the environment. There is no planet B!

Weleda has designed a number of sustainable PaperWise retail packages for drugstores and health stores. These autumnal gift packages, consisting of a separate lid and base are made from unbleached, light-brown PaperWise Natural 295 gram board. The refined design of the lid together with the punched-out shapes and lively colours represents the finishing touch of the design and adds to the perception of the product as a present. It’s a sure-fire way to inspire the joy of unpacking!

PaperWise sustainable paper eco board gift packaging cosmetic beauty soap  cream body care Weleda

With its spring-themed gift packaging for cosmetics, Weleda expertly demonstrates that gift packages can definitely be designed for any occasion worth celebrating. These cheerful gift packagings are made of unbleached PaperWise Natural 295 gram board together with  one-sided, white coated PaperWise Natural 342 gram board. This playful nod to the spring is both eco-friendly and creative. This packaging is sure to delight and has excellent sustainability credentials.

PaperWise sustainable paper eco board gift packaging giftbox cosmetic beauty soap  cream body care Weleda

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