More than 2 years of development have gone into the lightweight PaperWise corrugated board and paper from agricultural waste. We are proud that in cooperation with Pillopak, part of the Palm Packaging Group, we have succeeded in processing the sustainable PaperWise paper and cardboard into micro-corrugated cardboard and corrugated paper. This is our response to market demand for sustainable packaging which, in addition to being environmentally friendly, must also be very light and robust.

Wide range of CO2 neutral, tree-free corrugated board

The number of applications for PaperWise corrugated board is infinite. Thanks to Pillopak, a very wide range of PaperWise paper types can be processed. From 45 gsm paper, to 150 gsm paperboard, with which layers can be combined to build up the corrugated cardboard. All PaperWise papers and boards are CO2 neutral, tree free and made from plant residues left over from agriculture. Add to that specific properties such as moisture resistance, grease resistance, compostability and suitability for direct food contact and you can imagine that there is great interest in PaperWise paper from both the food and non-food sectors.

Applications of sustainable corrugated packaging

Several types of corrugated packaging have already been made from the sustainable PaperWise paper. We focus initially on the E and F flute sizes of corrugated cardboard, because these types of corrugated cardboard can be used widely for consumer packaging. Think of fruit and vegetable packaging, cake and cookie packaging, gift packaging, cosmetics packaging, soap packaging, electronics packaging, shipping packaging, but also packaging for heavier consumer products or packaging for responsible toys, displays and point of sale material. If you are looking for a solid, sustainable, lightweight packaging that is CO2 neutral, tree-free and plastic-free, then PaperWise Natural Microflute is the solution!

Superlight, extra sturdy and a beautiful look (directly printable)

PaperWise Natural Microflute E-flute 70/90/70 gram/m² has a weight of 255 gram/m² and a thickness of 1,4 mm. If we compare this to the PaperWise Natural 295 gram, one our most popular items, the weight decreases by 13.5%, while the material is 200% thicker and becomes more than 300% firmer (measured perpendicular to the direction of the wave). Especially for customers who want a plain, smooth surface on the outside of the packaging for appearance, a 2nd variant was also developed at the introduction of this sustainable innovation: PaperWise Natural Microflute F-wave 70/90/150 gram/m². This PaperWise Natural Microflute F-flute has a weight of 335 grams/m² and a thickness of 1,1 mm which allows some offset printing presses to print directly on the corrugated board in full color without the need for a separate layer of paper on the corrugated board. A saving in costs and material.

Your own corrugated cardboard composition (from 40,000 m²)

Okay, you have a sustainable product and you want to implement sustainability in your packaging. Until now you could only choose from paper or board made from trees or recycled paper and board. But now there is PaperWise corrugated cardboard made from plant residues from agriculture. Suitable for sustainable packaging where there is no migration between your product and the packaging. Lightweight and sturdy. Not harmful to the environment. CO2 neutral and guaranteed tree-free and plastic-free. Grease- and/or water-resistant as desired. Packaging that meets the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, environment and social impact. And, moreover, can be put together according to your wishes. Corrugated cardboard is not a stock item at PaperWise, so small volumes are still a challenge. Starting from 40,000 m² or 10 tons of paper or board, Pillopak can compose your own corrugated board or corrugated paper quality based on the sustainable PaperWise paper and board. You will then get the most environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging you could wish for!

All the benefits of PaperWise Natural Microflute corrugated cardboard at a glance:

100% plant residue (additional income for farmers, avoid wasting raw materials)
100% tree-free (saving land use, more room for biodiversity)
100% plastic-free (certified for home composting)
100% carbon neutral (halt to climate change)
100% recyclable (circular economy)

Therefore very light and extra sturdy. Certified for direct food contact. Unbleached, light brown color which gives your packaging an extra sustainable look and feel. Can be printed in full color and, for sufficient volume, is also available in a grease-resistant or water-resistant version.

Price indication eco-friendly PaperWise corrugated board

Prices for PaperWise corrugated cardboard depend on the number of packages, the printing and the version you want to obtain. Initial calculations show that the sustainable PaperWise Natural Microflute corrugated board has a pricing that is only a few euro cents higher than a package made of PaperWise Natural 295 grams. Would you like to know the exact pricing for your packaging? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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