We proudly present PaperWise Ivory. This new socially and environmentally friendly board will be available from 2022 onwards. PaperWise Ivory is board made from agricultural waste, ivory coloured, CO2 neutral and suitable for recycling. The applications range from packaging for dry groceries, fruit, vegetables, cakes, snacks and frozen food to (luxury) cosmetics, personal care, gifts, jewellery, medication and other consumer packaging. PaperWise Ivory will be certified in 2022 for direct food contact and composting, both industrial EN13432 and home composting. This way we can provide even more products with sustainable packaging!


We are growing fast, very fast in fact, more than 40% per year and to maintain that growth we are extending the PaperWise range with PaperWise Ivory. The big advantage of PaperWise Ivory is the wide product range. Available from 160 to 420 gram/m², with and without coating, optionally moisture resistant, makes PaperWise Ivory the new standard-bearer in the area of sustainable board.


PaperWise Ivory is made from agricultural waste, in India, by our partner who also makes PaperWise White copy paper. It is this partner who works with about 20,000 small-scale farmers and with whom we have the longest relationship. Through bio-fermentation and their own wind farm, they generate 100% green energy for the production of PaperWise. The factory has two schools, a small hospital, houses, an extensive sports complex, a drinking water installation, church, mosque and temple, which employees and residents of the surrounding villages are free to use. These facilities contribute broadly to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We are therefore proud and grateful that PaperWise Ivory is produced here.


Our partner has a brand new production site, equipped with the most modern Voith High Speed board machine with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons. Set up to process 100% trees…until PaperWise made the request to use it to produce PaperWise Ivory. Sustainable business starts with connecting people. Leadership, guts and belief in innovation. Many conversations have been held. Ideas were exchanged. Solutions were sought for all the ifs and buts. But we succeeded! By working together, by having faith in the goal: agricultural waste as a raw material for PaperWise Ivory. The first samples were made from 100% trees! But our mission is and remains to give a second life to as much agricultural waste as possible. The recipe was adjusted, agricultural waste was added, with small steps production step by production step. Technically, it is possible to make board from 100% agricultural waste. We do not yet know how far we will get with PaperWise Ivory. What we do know is that we are looking for the maximum. We like to do this together, with everyone who wants to help to increase the volumes. Together, we make the world more beautiful.


PaperWise Ivory is a multi-layer folding cardboard made from agricultural waste, ivory coloured, CO2 neutral and suitable for recycling. The pulp is bleached elementary chlorine-free (ECF). Free of chemicals (optical brighteners) which gives PaperWise Ivory a natural soft ivory colour. Instantly recognisable as environmentally friendly cardboard.

PaperWise Ivory is available on reel and in large format sheets. We can customize the weight and size between 160 and 420 gram/m² on request. PaperWise Ivory Moisture Resistant is uncoated multi-layer folding carton resistant to moisture and condensation and can be printed on both sides. The ivory colour of the material gives a soft tint to the printing colours. If you want the colours of the print to shine through, choose the version with a white clay coating on one side: PaperWise Ivory Moisture Resistant C1S White. PaperWise Ivory is always suitable for direct contact with food and can be printed on offset and digital printing presses. In mid-2022, the certifications for composting Industrial EN13432 and home composting will be initiated.

The PaperWise Ivory range is suitable for a very wide range of packaging and printing applications. Applications range from dry grocery, fruit, vegetable, bakery, snack and frozen food packaging to (luxury) cosmetics, personal care, gifts, jewellery, pharmaceuticals and other consumer packaging. For printed matter PaperWise Ivory is very suitable as a cover for books, magazines, notebooks, diaries, writing pads and notebooks. But also flyers, brochures, cards, business cards and posters can be made of the durable PaperWise Ivory.

For an up-to-date overview of the availability you can visit the PaperWise webshop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the beginning, the assortment is still limited, but this will gradually grow into a complete product range. So if you can’t find a version, size or grammage in the webshop, please contact us and we will see how we can fulfil your wishes. Click on the button below or mail us at Prefer to speak to someone personally? Feel free to call us at +31(0)492 849 575. We will be happy to help you!


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