PaperWise wins Circular Award 2019 for the manufacturing industry category

PaperWise has won the Circular Award 2019 for the manufacturing industry category. The prizes represent an initiative by Nederland Circulair!, which aims to stimulate circular business practises, together with the Dutch government-wide programme ‘Nederland Circulair in 2050‘. The prizes are awarded to the most iconic circular products or projects that show what the circular economy can represent for the Netherlands. With 120 entries, the competition was fierce this year, as in previous years. The circular economy is thriving in the Netherlands, which was reflected in both the quantity and quality of the entries.

The four characteristics of an iconic project were:


Maximal reusability of resources and materials; minimal destruction of the value of resources and materials; circularity on the product, technological, and business model levels;


A significant impact or the potential for it; scalability to the rest of the Netherlands and beyond; clear and appealing vision for a circular future;


Projects at regional or sectoral level or beyond; collaboration between companies and organisations from a range of disciplines;

Business model:

A financially sound business model; no need, structural or otherwise, for subsidies.

The expert jury noted that PaperWise was the most prevalent example of all four criteria and therefore deserved the victory. PaperWise makes environmentally friendly, socially responsible paper and board from agricultural waste that is suitable for applications in office supplies, printing materials, and as packaging materials.


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