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What is green packaging?

But what actually distinguishes sustainable packaging from conventional packaging materials? Non-sustainable, non-circular materials are often used in regular packaging. Paper for which trees are cut down, plastic that is made from petroleum. Finite resources, of which we already have too few, while there are so many other possibilities.

This is out of date and we do things differently. We convert natural material that would otherwise be thrown away and burned into high-quality packaging for your products. The products are protected so that their quality is preserved and they have a longer shelf life. And the consumer sees that your company has sustainability high on its agenda.

Eco friendly packaging made of paperboard and paper based on agricultural waste

PaperWise manufactures packaging from paperboard and/or paper depending on the application. Some products need protection from mechanical impact (such as bumps and shocks during transport) and can use the thickness of paperboard well. Our boxes and cartons are available in a variety of sizes and can be printed as desired.

We also supply paper in various thicknesses. This is suitable, for example, for wrapping and packaging products in stores, cafes and at the market. With a grease- and moisture-resistant coating, customers are assured that their food comes out just as tasty as it went in, without dirt on their hands or in their bags. Furthermore, paper is used as inner packaging (inlay) that protects your products when shipped.

Why green packaging?

Sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years and this trend is not going to diminish for the foreseeable future. Consumers are increasingly aware that their choices have an impact on the earth and that each individual can do his or her part to make the world a more sustainable place. People therefore use less and less plastic and pay attention to labels that guarantee that an item causes as little damage to the world as possible and has the greatest possible positive impact.

Brands that appeal to conscious consumers are leading the way in switching to sustainable paper and packaging. For example, most people now know that conventional paper leads to deforestation and that plastic packaging and disposables are responsible for the plastic “soup” in the ocean and deaths of birds and marine animals.

conventional paper and packaging leads to deforestation and plastic waste in oceans

What is the most green packaging material?

Consumers will be happy to see our logo on your materials. Our revolutionary paper and packaging material is in fact made from agricultural waste. More specifically, agricultural waste from developing countries, where it is a major problem and crying out for an environmentally friendly application. In our view, this is the most sustainable packaging material currently available to organizations, institutions and companies.

In the crops grown by agriculture worldwide, such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, hemp and sugar cane, only 20 percent of the plant is used. The other 80 percent, the stems and leaves, are considered waste. This waste is burned: in Europe in power plants, but in many places in countries outside the EU also in the open air. This is obviously not good for the environment, as valuable raw materials are lost in combustion and a lot of smog in the form of smoke and CO2 is released in the open.

However, the factories that produce PaperWise buy this ‘waste’ and give it a new life by turning it into paper and packaging material. This way, three birds with one stone are killed: farmers in developing countries get more income, less waste is burned and we can offer you a sustainable product.

We use this agricultural waste to make various products, ranging from high-quality paper for magazines, books and printed matter to packaging material for cosmetics, soap and jewelry, but also cups, carrier bags and packaging for vegetables, fruit and trays for French fries and snacks. In all these applications we ensure that our paper and board are of the highest quality and suitable for all purposes for which you used to use regular paper and board.

PaperWise environmentally friendly socially responsible paper board sustainable packaging office printing no poverty

No impairment of quality or appearance

Some people still think that sustainable and environmentally conscious are synonyms for old-fashioned, boring and “hippie” design, or that sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic in the hospitality industry leak or become limp with use. However, this need not be the case!

Our material is not inferior to less sustainable alternatives in quality and capabilities. We can make plant-based paper and board that is grease and moisture resistant, providing a full alternative to plastic packaging. In this way you can make your business more sustainable without compromising on quality or applicability. From French fries to a healthy sandwich and from cheese to cookies, it can all be packed in PaperWise’s grease-resistant material.

PaperWise as a sparring partner for green packaging

We understand the tricky position that companies and organizations, including supermarkets, retailers, governments, production sites and offices find themselves in. On the one hand, more and more consumers want to see sustainable packaging. On the other hand, consumers are still insufficiently aware of the usefulness and added value of packaging, particularly in terms of logistics, freshness and shelf life (preventing food waste), hygiene and food safety. In a nutshell, consumers want to see more green packaging, but do not want to sacrifice on benefits of packaging.

Furthermore, it is important not to lose sight of appeal and ease of use from a marketing perspective. PaperWise packaging is excellent for printing. Our packaging board is unbleached light brown in color, which has a natural look and feel and on which print colors come across clearly and vividly in any design. When your company chooses packaging from PaperWise, we tailor the material we produce to your requirements in terms of size, paper weight, etc. PaperWise board gives your brand the sustainable and quality look it deserves.

For example, several cosmetics brands have already chosen PaperWise. Not only do we tailor our product specifically to customer needs, but we also offer extensive sales support and provide sales training to your sales force so that you can be sure you’ll more than get your investment back. Of course, costs are also a factor. PaperWise makes sustainable packaging affordable.

Think about the future: consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of the planet and more and more packaging is being used without cutting down trees. In time, we expect that a PaperWise label on your product will be as essential to the conscious consumer as, for example, the animal testing-free label. The consumer is also willing to pay more for this.

PaperWise Sustainable Packaging2

PaperWise works with companies of all sizes, from the local independent organic store to the largest supermarket chains in the country. All of these companies are already proudly displaying our logo as a sign of their commitment to sustainable business practices. We not only work with physical stores, but also with businesses online. Do you have a webshop and would you like to operate more sustainable? If so, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities regarding packaging. We are open to all your ideas!

Below we share some examples of sustainable packaging that we have already realized for different types of customers in different industries in different countries.

Examples of green packaging for food (including animal feed)

For the packaging of soft fruits and vegetable snacks PaperWise has developed a special moisture resistant paperboard, read more about this innovation in our blog. Our range also includes fat-oil resistant PaperWise paper that is provided with bio laminate. Excellent for the sustainable packaging of cheese and meat. More information about the properties and possibilities can be found in our other blog.

PaperWise packaging fruit & vegetable tomato little 15

Sustainable vegetable tray for packing all kinds of snack vegetables.

PaperWise packaging fruit & vegetable physalis 2

Sustainable packaging for packing vegetables and berries.


Sustainable top seal packaging for packing soft fruits and vegetables. Learn more in our blog.


Sustainable, fat and oil resistant packaging for cheese, fish, meat or non-food items. Learn more in our blog.

paperwise packaging sleeve vegan bio bumi

Sustainable casing for packaging meat and vegan meat substitutes.

paperwise packaging pouch vegan bio aman prana

Sustainable pouch for packaging soups, nuts, pasta, cookies or rice.

eco friendly pouch for dog snacks

Sustainable pouch for packaging pet food in an environmentally friendly way.

PaperWise packaging Exploding Tree Bean to Bar 5

Sustainable chocolate packaging for packing chocolate.

environmentally-friendly packaging for bread

Sustainable bread bags for packing bread, croissants and rolls.

Examples of green packaging for events, festivals and gastronomy.

PaperWise packaging is widely used in the catering industry. For example, in cafes, restaurants and snack bars. PaperWise is ideal for making containers suitable for food such as fries, snacks, burgers, pizza slices and other fast food products. These disposable containers and packaging are also commonly used at events and festivals.

PaperWise supplies one of the world’s most famous festivals, Belgium’s Tomorrowland, with sustainable packaging for fries and snacks. Our plastic-free packaging for fries and snacks  significantly reduces the environmental impact after the festival. Read more about it in our blog.

Landal GreenParks, operator of vacation parks across Europe, has already switched to sustainable PaperWise disposable packaging for fries and snacks. An interesting fact: these plastic-free snack packs are compostable. Read about what that means and the benefits in our blog.


Sustainable packaging for burgers that are also compostable! Learn more in our blog.


Sustainable trays for packing chips and snacks of all kinds at festivals. Learn more in our blog.


Sustainable bag for packing chips. Plastic free and compostable. Learn more in our blog.


Sustainable tray for pizza slices. Ideal for pizzerias, cafeterias and festivals.


Sustainable and compostable container for packing fries and snacks of all kinds. Learn more on our blog.


Sustainable container for wraps or other snacks.

Examples of green packaging for cosmetics and personal care products.

One of the areas where sustainable packaging is most prevalent is in cosmetics and personal care products. Natural and organic cleansing and personal care products also deserve natural, durable and eco-friendly packaging with a luxurious appearance.

Dutch brand Naïf Natural Skincare is one of the many skin and body care brands that have switched to sustainable packaging for their organic products. Brands from other countries are also looking for sustainable cosmetic or soap packaging made from PaperWise. For the Gamila Secret brand, there is a box with inlay made of PaperWise that not only protects the product but also presents a luxurious appearance.

In addition to sustainable boxes with inlays, bars of soap can also be excellently packaged in sustainable soap wrappings made from PaperWise. The Loeze Zeep brand packages their handmade soaps in sustainable soap packaging (wrappings) that is printed with their brand communication on the outside and inside.

In our blog, we explain which PaperWise paper and paperboard types are used to make the packaging for “Gamila Secret” and “Loeze Soap.”

PaperWise packaging natural facial scrub Nai?f 2

Sustainable box for packing organic care products.

Sustainable soap wrapping

Sustainable soap packaging (wrapping) made from agricultural waste to pack natural soaps. Learn more in our blog.


Sustainable box with inlay for packaging organic and luxury soaps. Learn more in our blog.

Examples of sustainable gifts and gift packaging

Packaging for beauty and personal care products often also fulfills the role of gift packaging. Weleda, a brand originating from Switzerland, has switched to packaging materials made from agricultural waste for its gift boxes. Creativity, functionality and sustainability come together in their beautifully designed gift boxes. Read more about it in our Weleda blog.

When it comes to gift wrapping, you can also think about sustainable wrapping paper and tissue paper for festive and sustainable packaging of small and large gifts. Since PaperWise is available in different grammages, it is perfect to be used as both sturdy wrapping paper and airy tissue paper.


Sustainable gift box for festive packaging of care products. Read more in our blog.

Sustainable confetti packaging

Sustainable packaging for growing and flowering confetti. Learn more in our blog.

paperwise sustainable paper board organic gift packaging giftbox natural cosmetic beauty soap cream body care weleda

Sustainable gift wrap for festive packaging of care products. Learn more in our blog.

Paperwise eco friendly sustainable packaging gift wrapping

Sustainable wrapping paper for festive and eco-conscious gift wrapping.

Paperwise eco friendly sustainable packaging gift wrapping

Sustainable gift wrap paper for festive and environmentally conscious gift wrapping.

Paperwise eco friendly sustainable packaging gift wrapping

Sustainable wrapping paper with thank you card for festive gift wrapping.

Examples of green packaging for webshops and fashion stores

The clothing sector is also trying to work more sustainably. This applies not only to the clothing itself, but also to the packaging. More and more stores and webshops (for clothing or other products) are consciously opting for sustainable shipping packaging and bags from PaperWise.

PaperWise packaging envelope VAN HULLEY

Sustainable letterbox sized postal packaging for packing and shipping online orders.

paperwise packaging bag natural

Sustainable paper bags for packing store purchases.

PaperWise eco friendly paper mailing envelope Healthy Seas Socks sustainable packaging

Sustainable branded envelopes for packing online orders.

Examples of green packaging for luxury items such as jewelry and records

Sustainable packaging made from agricultural waste is ideal for packaging luxury and lifestyle products such as earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and other jewelry. Since the boxes (with or without inlay) can be made in different sizes, they are also suitable for packaging larger lifestyle products, such as vinyl records.

PaperWise packaging jewellery beauty box

Sustainable box for luxury packaging of jewelry like watches, rings and bracelets.

PaperWise packaging jewellery beauty box

Sustainable box for packing cufflinks, earrings and other jewelry.

Sustainable box for eco-friendly and luxury packing of records.

Examples of green packaging for supermarkets and organic stores

Almost everyone visits one of the major supermarket chains on a weekly or daily basis. Therefore, you could say that they are under the proverbial microscope. Supermarkets are therefore under increasing pressure to switch to environmentally friendly packaging materials. Although organic stores often lead the way in environmentally conscious packaging, there are also large supermarket chains that place great importance on sustainability.

The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has various PaperWise packaging on its shelves, and also the French chain Carrefour has chosen PaperWise sustainable packaging materials. Since supermarkets work in such large quantities, a simple decision can have a huge positive impact on the environment!

PaperWise packaging fruit & vegetable Jumbo

Sustainable tray for packing (organic) fruits like apples, pears and lemons.

PaperWise packaging fruit & vegetable Jumbo

Sustainable box for packing (organic) cress.

Scatola sostenibile per imballare il crescione (biologico).

Sustainable boxes for packing snack tomatoes.

Examples of green packaging for (organic) coffee and tea.

We have already shown you different packaging for (organic) food. You can turn to PaperWise as well for sustainable packaging of coffee, tea and cookies!

paperwise packaging pouch pukka

Sustainable bag for packing (organic) tea or coffee.

Sustainable tea towels for the environmentally friendly packaging of loose tea.

Sustainable tea bags for packaging loose tea in an environmentally friendly way.

PaperWise packaging biscuits

Sustainable cookie bags for packing (organic) cookies.

Examples of sustainable organic cups for hot and cold drinks.

Although strictly speaking they are not packaging, we also offer sustainable drinking cups. Practical for all kinds of events and festivals. These sustainable organic cups can also be used on planes, trains, snack bars and cafes.

PaperWise’s sustainable disposable cups are made of eco-friendly, unbleached PaperWise paperboard based on 100% agricultural waste. The cups have low environmental impact and feature a leak-proof bio-coating on the inside. The PaperWise board and bio-coating are certified for compostability (EN13432) and food safety (EC1935 / 2004). The cups are industrially compostable, the carton of the cups is even compostable at home (DIN Home Compostable). The paper cups can also be recycled via the waste flow of beverage cartons.

PaperWise packaging paper cups

Sustainable organic drinking cup. Ideal for festivals, events and catering.

PaperWise environmentally friendly bio drinking cup paper

Sustainable to go disposable cup for planes, trains or restaurants.

PaperWise organic paper cup eco friendly disposable paper tea coffee drinking cups office

Sustainable organic cup for hot and cold drinks. Suitable for any event.

Step by step guide: I want green packaging. How do I go about it?

Are you looking for a sustainable packaging for a new product? Or are you looking for more sustainable packaging for an existing product? Follow these steps to get a good result.

1. What logistical characteristics must green packaging meet?
Think about logistical protection, but also how the product will be presented in your store. Does the packaging need to be stackable? Can it stand upright? Can it be hung? Is a transparent window important to your sustainable packaging? How much weight does the packaging need to be able to support? Ask yourself all these questions and make a list.

2. Does the green packaging need preservation features for shelf life?
Cookies are greasy, tea should not lose its flavors, and coffee needs to be packaged airtight. Candy, groceries and bread are often packaged with low oxygen. Are you looking for sustainable packaging that is grease-, oxygen-, moisture- and/or leak-proof? What preservation features are important for your sustainable packaging? Make a list of the essential preservation properties for your sustainable packaging.

3. How strong should your green packaging be?
It is important that the bottom or handles do not tear out of the sustainable packaging, that screwdrivers, knives, or other sharp objects cannot penetrate the packaging, and that the packaging does not break when touched. The bending and tensile strength of sustainable packaging is therefore very important. The characteristics of the product you want to package will determine what type of sustainable packaging material you need. Take inventory of all your needs and coordinate with us.

4. How well do colors and shapes show up in green packaging?
If the packaging is met with rejection and negatively impacts sales, we can safely say it’s not a sustainable packaging, right? So, the sustainable packaging should contribute to the success of your brand or product. The sustainable packaging must have a positive impact. Colors, photos and images must be able to be printed crisply on the sustainable packaging. But what about the shape? Curves, folds, flaps, windows, and even seals or tamper-evident closures are possible. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to work with you to create the best possible creation.

5. How much does green packaging cost?
The price of green packaging is obviously very important. Does the price fit into the set budget? In many cases, the price of the packaging is only a small part of the retail price. On average sustainable packaging in a supermarket costs only a few cents. As with all products, the price of sustainable packaging is determined by size, weight, printing, specific characteristics and production run. Everyone understands that 2 million packs are cheaper than 500 packs. We receive feedback from customers that the additional cost of our sustainable packaging is relatively low compared to normal non-sustainable packaging. In some cases, our sustainable packaging is even cheaper. At this point, we cannot answer how the price of sustainable packaging will affect your product or brand. However, we are happy to help you find the best packaging company to make your sustainable packaging a reality.

We are happy to assist you on your way to sustainability

Would you like to receive samples? Do you have any questions? Contact us today to discuss all the options for your brand, product or organization at no cost or obligation.


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