Soap packaging made from agricultural waste: beautiful and environmentally friendly

The available product range of natural and organic soaps, shampoos, and skin-care products is rapidly expanding. PaperWise has also noticed that demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for these beauty and care products is growing quickly. However, achieving a natural, luxurious look is key in this segment. Read on for inspiration on how environmentally friendly packaging goes hand in hand with fantastic presentation.

Natural and organic cleaning and care products also deserve natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly packaging. We often hear this response from our clients. Finding plastic-free, ecological packaging for natural soaps, shampoos, shower gels, body butters, and scrubs can be quite a challenge. More and more liquid soaps, shampoos, and scrubs which are packaged in plastic bottles or tubes are being replaced with solid natural and organic products. Look around you and you will see increasing numbers of environmentally friendly ‘bars’ available for sale, such as cleansing soap bars to wash your body, facial cleansing bars, and shampoo bars for hair care.

Making solid soaps and personal care products as opposed to liquid ones ensures that much less packaging material is needed. In many cases, PaperWise offers a solution for packaging natural cosmetics as well as cleaning and care products. As an example, consider Gamila Secret: a 100% natural skin care brand that makes its products from pure olive oil with a unique mix of seven oils and fifteen types of herbs from Israel’s Galilee region. Gamila Secret’s luxury cleansing bars, facial oils, hand creams, and foot balms bring nature back to us together with a delightful dash of wellness. “Raised by nature, gathered by Gamila, to nourish healthy skin.”

PaperWise organic eco paper wrapping packaging cosmetic beauty soap cream bodycare bars Gamila Secret

The sustainable and environmentally friendly soap packaging made by Gamila Secret radiates a natural beauty. The unbleached, light-brown PaperWise Natural 295 gram board has minimal, monochrome printing, where the shades of grey are derived from the colour black. The Gamila Secret packaging consists of a base with an inlay as well as a lid. The soaps’ natural scents are released by lightly pressing the lid of the packaging. A scent opening in the lid prevents people unnecessarily opening the packaging in shops. It is a great example of sustainable, practical packaging that makes a maximal contribution to a unique product experience.

Another company that turned to PaperWise in its search for environmentally friendly soap packaging was Loeze, because – in the company’s own words – the PaperWise packaging is a perfect match for the Loeze concept. The natural, handmade soaps contain a basis comprised of carefully selected, organic olive oil. Only the combination of natural and powerful ingredients with pure, essential oils, freshly dried botanicals, and clays can ensure that the soaps lather up wonderfully and are soft on your skin. The organic, hand-made soaps are made in a socially responsible way. Employees with a distance from the labour market apply the customer logos, include texts, and then package the products.

PaperWise sustainable paper wrapping eco packaging cosmetic beauty soap cream bodycare bars Loeze

Loeze chose a PaperWise sustainable soap wrapper to package its biological soaps. Loeze’s care products and the packaging the company uses are subject to high quality standards. Loeze conducted an extensive testing procedure to decide which soap packaging it would choose. This meant subjecting the soap in the respective packaging to heat, cold, time in packaging, and loss of scent through the packaging. PaperWise Natural passed all the packaging tests with positive results. After a number of tests, the final decision fell on the environmentally friendly, unbleached PaperWise Natural 70 gram paper.

In addition to a practical role, the PaperWise luxury soap wrapper fulfils another need. Thanks to a series of eye-catching illustrations, the soap wrapper tells Loeze’s story. Loeze’s corporate identity is showcased on the unbleached, environmentally friendly PaperWise Natural paper. This environmentally friendly and socially responsible soap wrapper combines the joys of unwrapping, reading, and showering!

PaperWise organic eco paper wrapping packaging cosmetic beauty soap cream bodycare bars Loeze

PaperWise wants to help organizations become more sustainable. If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to packaging care, beauty or cosmetic products, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities or put you in contact with parties that can make environmentally friendly boxes and wrappings out of PaperWise products. By choosing PaperWise, you can make a positive change to the paper industry and reduce your ecological footprint. Wise With Waste, together!


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