from plant waste to sustainable stationery

Despite digitalization, the number of offices and households that still use paper calendars, diaries, desk calendars, or organizers would astound you. However, if such ‘paper helpers’ are made by PaperWise they are both practical and sustainable! Eco-stationery comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Have a look at the sustainable calendars, diaries, and planners – made from plant waste– created by Rabobank, Zettler Kalender and Mooi Graphic Studio for some inspiration!

While many companies make use of three-month calendars and desk calendars, consumers mainly use picture calendars as well as week, month, or birthday calendars at home. Pencil boards are also a highly rated gift among companies that receive promotional gifts. Thanks to PaperWise, all this stationery can be made in a much more sustainable way!

If you would like to give your sustainable calendars and schedules the eco-friendly look and feel, then choose our unbleached PaperWise Natural paper or board – like Mooi Graphic Studio (see example above). They released a complete line of eco-products made of this sustainable material. The MOOI eco family schedule, week calendar and notebooks are made from PaperWise Natural 90 gram paper, the inside of the MOOI eco book of quotes is made from PaperWise Natural 150 gram paper, and the MOOI eco gift cards, postcards, two-sided greetings cards, and fill-in cards are printed on PaperWise Natural 295 gram. PaperWise Natural has a natural light-brown colour (as it is unbleached), giving it a more sustainable look. Black tones are perfect for adding a stylish touch to the natural material. Coloured ink also looks fabulous on PaperWise Natural! With the right design choices, certain colours can make the natural material ‘pop’ even more!


Rabobank chose to have the cover of its environmentally friendly weekly and monthly calendars printed on PaperWise White 110 gram paper, while printing their contents on PaperWise White 90 gram paper. Their choice to use ecological and socially responsible PaperWise paper is emphasised on each page with the statement ‘Printed on paper made from agricultural waste’.


The German company Zettler Kalender has a range of environmentally friendly table-top calendars and diaries made from PaperWise. Their choice of cover fell on the unbleached, light-brown PaperWise Natural 263 gram board and for its contents they chose the similar PaperWise Natural 70 gram paper. It is bound together with a wire-o/spiral binding. Zettler Kalender also consciously communicates it’s sustainable choice in PaperWise. The front of their products feature the following reference to agricultural waste: ‘100% AGRAR, PAPIER AUS AGRAR-RESTSTOFFEN’ and the back of their products give further explanation about PaperWise.


PaperWise believes in creating a future-proof world through establishing partnerships. We support our customers in their communications on sustainability and therefore have several PaperWise logos and texts available. This visual material is a communicative aid that you can use in telling your story on sustainability. We would gladly act as a sounding board for solutions and engaging communications, whether you are looking for imagery or texts for printed materials, product packagings, or office supplies such as weekly schedules or monthly calendars.


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