When you think of celebration, you think of…gifts! Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day, wedding, birth, new neighbors, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, we enjoy giving and receiving gifts. More and more people these days are giving thought to the sustainable wrapping of gifts. This awareness is growing among both consumers and retailers. PaperWise offers sustainable wrapping solutions, such as eco-friendly gift paper and ecological closing stickers.

Because I love and appreciate you

We humans are social creatures and like to be surrounded by other people. We like to have our nearest and dearest close to us. Giving each other a token of appreciation, surprising each other or declaring love, we like to do so with gifts. The gift helps us to say without words, “thank you, I appreciate you very much, let’s celebrate this moment together”. That special feeling that a gift gives you, is reinforced when the gift is beautifully wrapped. A packaging that matches the moment and the person it is intended for. With the sustainable gift wrapping paper from PaperWise you not only choose for wrapping pleasure, but you also make an environmentally conscious choice.

Sustainable gift wrapping

What makes the wrapping and gift paper from PaperWise special? It is completely tree-free, which means that no trees were cut down for it. Instead, it is made from the plant residues left over from agriculture. When farmers in developing countries take their food crops such as rice, wheat, barley, hemp and sugar cane off the land, the inedible stems and leaves are left over. Instead of burning this agricultural waste, it is now turned into the most beautiful and sustainable PaperWise gift wrap and paper. The farmers get an extra income and you can wrap your valuable gifts with the most sustainable and socially responsible wrapping paper. A valuable gift with extra value.

Assortment of gift paper and gift packaging

Are you looking for the most sustainable wrapping paper and giftwrap? PaperWise would like to help you with different types of paper. PaperWise Natural Machine Glazed 30 grams paper is almost as thin as tissue paper, but feels a lot firmer. This paper can be used as filling paper, or to protect fragile gifts and presents in shipping packages. And if you choose to print it or have it printed, you will enhance the unwrapping experience. The 30 grams paper is not a standard PaperWise stock item, we produce it on customer request. From 3000 kg we adapt the roll widths and diameters to your needs and the printing can be done in consultation with one of our partners.

PaperWise Natural 70 and 90 gram papers are standard stock articles at PaperWise and are used for gift wrapping. All PaperWise Natural papers are CO2 neutral, unbleached with a natural light brown color, made from 100% agricultural waste and therefore completely tree-free. In addition, we also have bright white paper, such as PaperWise White 80 grams, which is very suitable as a sustainable gift paper. The printing colors come out harder and brighter on a white background than on the PaperWise Natural wrapping paper, where the colors take on a more natural, soft hue.

For the finishing touch, you can choose ecological, compostable closing stickers made from PaperWise. Available in the white PaperWise paper as well as in the unbleached light brown PaperWise Natural paper. In case you order these items through our partner Bio4Life, then they will be provided with a compostable adhesive.

Private label gift and wrapping paper

For organizations that develop their own gift and wrapping paper, PaperWise can play an important role in making their assortment more sustainable. With bespoke designed gift paper from PaperWise you contribute to your brand. It reinforces the positioning and image of your company and/or brand and contributes to CSR objectives.

Keijzer Papier is a valued partner of PaperWise and produces its own design and custom made rolls of giftpaper. From store rolls with several hundred meters to gift paper for consumers on rolls of 5 meters. The width of the gift paper is custom made for you according to your own wishes. “The magic of giving” is their company slogan for a reason. Above all, CSR and environmental care are just as important to them as PaperWise.

Designers with an eye for sustainability and design also find their way to PaperWise. Illustrator Silly Goose offers a wide range of printed matters of her own designs printed on unbleached PaperWise Natural paper in her webshop. Think of cheerfully illustrated gift paper, greeting cards and stickers.


We like it! Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibilities or to get in touch with parties that can provide PaperWise wrapping paper printed or unprinted.


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