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Office products contribute significantly to the enormous amount of plastic and paper waste that is generated every year. It is expected that paper consumption will double worldwide between 2010 and 2060. And for that amount of paper, a lot of trees are needed. A total of 386 million hectares of forest have already been lost between 2001 and 2019 (source). As awareness of deforestation increases and the problems become more visible, more and more people and companies are making the choice to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing sustainable paper and stationery from PaperWise is an easy step to do your part.

Many organisations are trying to switch to paperless working in order to reduce their paper waste. Research shows that paperless working has become more popular between 2018 and 2020 (source). But in practice, this is still quite difficult. The need for sustainable office products therefore remains. PaperWise offers a helping hand. How? By making paper and cardboard from agricultural waste, which is then used to produce sustainable stationery. By choosing sustainable stationery, you create a greener office and take an important step towards a cleaner world. If we all switch to environmentally friendly stationery, we are helping to make the world a cleaner and healthier place.

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Every day, enormous amounts of copy paper, printer paper, letter paper, business cards, folders, envelopes and notebooks are used worldwide. Hold on: an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of printing paper a year, almost half of which ends up in the bin the same day (source). The production of all that paper requires raw materials, mostly wood fibre, which is obtained from tree felling. Then comes the production process, using lots of water, energy and chemicals to make the paper as beautiful as we know it: smooth and white. Sustainable office supplies made from PaperWise paper and board are made in such a way that they are much less damaging to the environment than office supplies made from trees.


Sustainable stationery made by PaperWise consists of paper and cardboard made from plant residues. These plant remains, agricultural waste that remains in the fields after the harvest, are collected and processed into a new generation of environmentally friendly paper and board. The plant remains, which would otherwise be burned, prevent the felling of thousands of trees. Since its foundation, PaperWise has already recycled more than 10.7 million kg of agricultural waste. And 77,040 trees have been prevented from being cut down! Moreover, there is another advantage to not burning these plant remains; it prevents smog formation, environmental pollution of the soil and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Since PaperWise was founded in 2015, 16,100,00 kg of CO2 equivalents have been saved because the agricultural waste is not burned in the open. So there is much less of a burden on the environment!

The production process of PaperWise is also eco-friendly. PaperWise is made with green energy from bio digestion. For this they use the part of the agricultural residual material that cannot be processed as raw material for paper, but is ideally suited for fermentation. During the process, methane gas is released which produces heat and electricity for their own power station. This is an excellent example of a residual flow from a residual flow, for the production of our own green energy. This saves CO2 emissions and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

The environmental impact of PaperWise is 47% lower than paper from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper. By choosing sustainable office products made from PaperWise paper or board, you reduce your impact on the environment and contribute to a greener office.

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Why the use of sustainable office products is so important

Countless office supplies pass through our hands worldwide, every single day. A lot of paper is needed to produce them. By choosing stationery made from paper from trees, you inherently contribute to tree felling. The paper industry is a major contributor to deforestation. This deforestation has disastrous consequences for important ecosystems and contributes to global warming and climate change. It is not without reason that halting deforestation worldwide by 2030 is one of the pillars of the Climate Summit 2021 in Glasgow (source). There is no planet B! Together we will have to make the difference.

PaperWise is working in a revolutionary way with the paper industry which also wants to change the system in a positive way. Why should we all continue to cut down trees and burn agricultural waste, full of cellulose (the raw material for paper)? Valuable raw materials are lost, CO2 is released unnecessarily and there is environmental pollution of soil and air. What a shame! Together with you PaperWise wants to change the paper industry and contribute positively to welfare and nature worldwide.

Quality, appearance and sustainable communication

PaperWise meets the highest quality standards. So with PaperWise you can easily contribute to a greener office and you won’t notice any difference. Paper and cardboard from PaperWise is suitable for making many different office supplies. Whether you’re looking for stationery, copy paper, envelopes, business cards, note pads or durable calendars and diaries, it’s all possible. If you choose PaperWise paper and board, you might want to show and communicate your sustainable choice. PaperWise is ready for you with a communication concept and sustainability logos and will help you with the communication.

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Branded eco friendly notepad examples

Writing and note pads are handy to use and fun to give, just like notebooks. You contribute to a better environment by choosing stationery made of eco-friendly PaperWise paper and board. In the examples below, the unbleached PaperWise Natural board has been used for the cover and is available in 245 to 310 grams. PaperWise Natural has a nice eco look with a natural light brown tint. For the inside you can choose for PaperWise White of 90 grams or for PaperWise Natural in 70 or 90 grams paper. If you choose PaperWise sustainable paper, you might also like to communicate your sustainable choice on the cover or inside. PaperWise is ready for you with sustainability logos and is happy to help you with your communication.

PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks a5 notes natural eco stationery organic writing pad office_c

Durable A5 notepad with PaperWise White interior 80 grams

PaperWise eco friendy paper notebook notepad paperontherocks

Sustainable notebooks from Paper on the Rocks with PaperWise Natural 90 grams liner

PaperWise socially responsible paper writing pad notebook office sustainable stationery UnitedEconomy

Sustainable United Economy notebook with a 295 grams PaperWise Natural cover and 80 grams PaperWise White inside.

PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks notes white eco stationery organic writing pad office moonenpackaging

Durable A4 writing pad from Moonen Packaging with PaperWise White liner 80 grams

PaperWise eco paper calender agenda writing pad notebook socially responsible stationery office MooiGraphicStudio

Sustainable writing pads from Mooi Graphic Studio printed on PaperWise Natural 70 grams in combination with PaperWise Natural 90 grams

PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks notes white eco stationery organic writing pad office vermeulen
PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks A5 unbleached natural eco stationery organic writing pad office

Durable PaperWise A5 writing pad with a 295 grams PaperWise Natural cover and 80 grams PaperWise White inside.

PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks white notes eco stationery organic writing pad office

Durable PaperWise notebook A4 with a 295 grams PaperWise Natural cover and 80 grams PaperWise White liner. 

PaperWise sustainable paper notebooks A4 white eco stationery organic writing pad office

Durable PaperWise writing pad A4 with a 295 grams PaperWise Natural cover and 80 grams PaperWise White interior.

Are you also switching to eco friendly office supplies?

 Choosing for a greener office and switching to sustainable office products from PaperWise; a small step with a huge impact. You too can make a difference. Together we can contribute to a better world and reduce our environmental impact. Together Wise With Waste! Are you curious or do you have questions? Would you like to get to know PaperWise or feel and experience paper made from agricultural waste? Please contact us, we are happy to help.


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