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Eco friendly vegetable packaging guide with examples

How nice would it be to pack that delicious soft fruit and those crunchy vegetable snacks more sustainably than in the current plastic trays. But how can you deal with the moisture of fruit and vegetables in a sustainable plastic-free packaging? Increasing numbers of packaging companies and retailers are switching to environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, causing an increasing demand for moisture-resistant board.

For this reason, PaperWise has created a special type of moisture-resistant board for packaging soft fruits and snack vegetables: the unbleached, light-brown PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant board, available in 200, 226, 263, and 295 gram variants. Additionally, this board is recyclable and compostable. Consumers can easily recycle PaperWise Natural by disposing of it with their waste paper. As PaperWise Natural is suitable for fermentation and certified for composting (both on an industrial scale as well as in households), this benefits supermarkets because they now no longer need to unpack their unsold stock. Let’s get rid of plastic packaging! A very thin bio-plastic foil – made from plants – completes the packaging based on renewable raw materials.

The example below shows a product packaging of Nature & More‘s organic blueberries. This sustainable board packaging is made with a flat seal edge to ensure quick, safe, and strong sealing of the packaging while ensuring maximum visibility of the product. Naturally, we can also design the bio-board product packages in such a way that they are sealed with a transparent bio-lid instead of a flat seal edge.


Zalpak developed PaperWise’s first board topseal packaging. This is a special development because our topseal packaging is subject to a patent application. Mucci Farms, a company operating in the Canada and United States of America, won the ‘Best Sustainable Packaging Award at Fresh Summit 2019’ thanks to this sustainable PaperWise topseal packaging.


These environmentally friendly product packagings by PaperWise are perfectly suited to package berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, mushrooms, snack tomatoes, or cucumbers. The packaging is also the perfect canvas to print precise full-colour images on. Where desired, we can use organic ink that is entirely free of harmful substances. Create your own customized sustainable packaging and provide an exceptional customer experience. If you have any questions or would like to receive samples, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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