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Eco friendly greaseproof paper

By design, paper absorbs moisture and grease. One option to counteract this is by coating the paper
with an environmentally friendly, compostable greaseproof or moisture-repelling coating or laminate.
In this example, we opted for environmentally friendly, unbleached PaperWise Natural 70 gram paper
with an organic laminate made from starch. Suitable for packaging food and non-food products well and safely.

Both PaperWise paper and the organic laminate have their own certifications for industrial composting in accordance with standard EN 13432. PaperWise paper and board has also received certification for Din Certco’s stricter certification of home compostable products. PaperWise is familiar with organic laminates and coatings that have been certified as home compostable. By combining these organic plastics (made from plants, and therefore renewable) with PaperWise paper and board, the entirety of the product packaging meets the strictest environmental composting standard for home composting and can be disposed of in green bins or on compost heaps in back gardens. Tests are currently being conducted on PaperWise paper with an organic coating to produce a greaseproof layer that is even thinner than an organic laminate. This innovation will also further reduce the environmental footprint of the product packaging. The packaging sheets in the example are packaged by the roll and perforated for tearing. We can modify the roll width, number of metres per roll, the thickness of the PaperWise paper, and the type of organic laminate to our customers’ wishes. If you would like to receive samples or ask about the options or prices, then please contact us. We will gladly help you so that together we can make the world a better place!


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