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Eco friendly birthday cards guide with examples

Do you want to congratulate, thank or wish someone a speedy recovery? Do you have something nice to tell? Nowadays, you can do so with a sustainable card. Sending a card is a way of letting people know you are thinking of them. Or just to let them know that you are happy with them. There’s nothing nicer than giving the people you care about (extra) attention at special moments with a greeting card. Both privately and professionally. But why not turn your friendly gesture into an eco-friendly one too? By choosing sustainable greeting cards made by PaperWise!

Why choose eco friendly birthday cards? 

As kind as the gesture of a greeting card, birth announcement card or birthday card can be, it is unfortunately often also a gesture that harms the environment. Many greeting cards are made of paper from trees. Only a small part is made of recycled paper and often plastic foil is used as well. And that is not exactly environmentally friendly. Your kind gesture then comes with an unintended environmental impact. Most cards require tree felling. And if the greeting card has been provided with foil, for a nice appearance, the paper recycling is no longer optimal. Plastic is not paper, so it cannot be reused and it disturbs the paper recycling process. The laminated foil is sorted out and kept out of the cycle. But there is an alternative…

Eco friendly birthday cards made of PaperWise paper

Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper and cardboard from PaperWise. This paper and board is made from agricultural waste, plant residues left over after the harvest. The inedible stems and leaves of crops remain in farmers’ fields after the harvest and have little or no value. When you consider that the farmer usually only uses about 20% of the plant in the form of food, you understand that otherwise about 80% of the plant is lost. Mostly… because sometimes agricultural waste is used as straw in stables or as biomass in power plants. However, much agricultural waste becomes available every year worldwide that the vast majority is not used and is often burned in the open air. (source: Wikipedia Stubble burning)A shame we think at PaperWise! Wasting valuable raw materials has no place in this day and age. After all, why would we burn agricultural waste resulting in unnecessary CO2 and particulate matter emissions and excessive ash concentrations in the soil? (source: Stubble burning: Effects on health & environment), if we can also turn it into environmentally friendly socially responsible paper and cardboard for greeting cards and other applications?

At PaperWise, we therefore ensure that this 80%, agricultural waste, is not burned, but given a second life as a raw material for paper and cardboard. From this agricultural residue, cellulose is extracted, the main raw material for paper. With great care for people and the environment, PaperWise processes this cellulose into environmentally friendly paper and cardboard. Which then forms the basis for the sustainable greeting cards. Where possible, the production is done with green energy. PaperWise is also CO2 neutral; the CO2 emissions which cannot be avoided will be compensated. Furthermore PaperWise is up to 7 times fully recyclable and at home compostable. On your compost heap at home, PaperWise will be fully biodegradable and converted into compost within a few weeks (the cards should be printed with compostable ink).

PaperWise wants to minimize its impact on the environment. The production process is focused on safety, zero waste and preservation of ecology. Independent research shows that the environmental impact of PaperWise is 47% lower than paper from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper. Wise With Waste!  

A PaperWise paper greeting card: also a socially responsible gesture

The greeting cards made of PaperWise paper are not only environmentally friendly, but also a socially responsible gesture. PaperWise is produced in factories in India and South America. These production locations are of great importance to the local communities. The local farmers who supply the agricultural waste receive compensation for 100% of the plant, which means that their income is higher than normal. But the factories also provide free schooling and drinking water for the surrounding villages. And investments are made in health care, infrastructure and culture.

Why are eco friendly birthday cards important?

Because 684 million trees are felled each year for the production of all paper and cardboard in Europe (source: CEPI Key Statistics 2020 – Wikipedia pulp paper). You read it correctly, this requires land area equal to 2.5 times the area of the Netherlands, year after year. Worldwide, there is still a lot of deforestation and loss of biodiversity (source: National Geographic), despite the planting of new trees. And that is bad for people, animals and the environment. We also burn valuable raw materials in the form of agricultural waste. And this in turn creates air and soil pollution. Total madness to waste these valuable residual materials like this.

By choosing sustainable greeting cards made by PaperWise, you can be sure that trees have been saved, CO2 emissions have been reduced and the impact on the environment is minimal. Between 2015 and 2021, PaperWise has already recycled more than 10,7 million kg of agricultural waste. 77,040 trees have not been cut down. 1070 hectares of deforestation have been prevented. And 16,100,00 kg of CO2 equivalents were saved because the agricultural waste was not burnt in the open. There is no concession to quality, because Paperwise offers A-quality paper and cardboard. It can be printed in high quality with razor sharp images and is therefore perfectly suitable for all kinds of greeting cards.

An eco friendly birthday card for every occasion

How appropriate to have birth announcement cards, which welcome the new generation, made of environmentally responsible paper, thus contributing to a sustainable and clean world for future generations. After all, together we must ensure that we pass the earth on (properly) to our children.

Sending out Christmas cards is a tradition that many people and companies follow every year. This means that large numbers of December cards are sent every year. This makes it all the more important to make these cards from sustainable paper and cardboard. And if you think environmentally consciously, you should also choose sustainable envelopes. These can also be perfectly made of PaperWise paper.

A sustainable greeting card for every occasion. From mourning to wedding cards, birthday cards, neutral cards, get well cards or father and mother day cards: choose for sustainability with PaperWise. For solid greeting cards with a natural eco look, we recommend PaperWise Natural 295 grams. Prefer a white look? Then choose for durable PaperWise Natural Coated 1 Side White 310 grams. And if you think environmentally conscious, go for durable envelopes. These can also be perfectly made of PaperWise paper. Choose for example PaperWise White 90 grams or go for unbleached PaperWise Natural 90 grams which has a natural, light brown look and emphasizes the sustainable character.

Make an eco-friendly gesture, choose an eco friendly birthday card

A kind gesture is appreciated by everyone. Letting others know that you are thinking of them creates a connection and a feeling of happiness. It puts a smile on the faces of the people you care about. Let’s continue with the friendly gesture of a greeting card, making each other happy and at the same time making it an environmentally friendly gesture, by choosing a sustainable greeting card from PaperWise. Together Wise With Waste.

Show what you believe in: communicate your ethical choice

How do you let someone know that you have chosen sustainable cards? At PaperWise we are here to help. We help you communicate your sustainable choice for PaperWise paper by offering all kinds of sustainability logos. By using one of the PaperWise “on product” logos, you can show in a stylish and subtle way that you have made the choice for a sustainable and socially responsible greeting card from PaperWise.


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