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PaperWise White Reel 640mm wide 90g/m² 1 reel


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Price per product packaging : €979,90
Price per kilogramme : €2,39
Order weight : 410.00kg
Total price : €979,90
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PaperWise White is environmentally-friendly uncoated white paper made from agricultural waste (more than 85%). This sustainable paper with its very low environmental impact is white in colour and is ECF-bleached (Elemental Chlorine Free). PaperWise White is produced with 100% green energy and can be recycled through standard waste paper recycling schemes. The white colour means PaperWise White can be printed in sharp full colour using offset, flexo, and digital printing. PaperWise White is used for environmentally-friendly printing and paper applications such as books, CSR annual reports, brochures, magazines, notepads/notebooks, environmentally-friendly letter paper, envelopes, and labels. Opt for top-quality printing work from PaperWise and communicate your environmentally-conscious choices with the PaperWise on-product logo.

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Weight 410.00 kg

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Netto gewicht VPE in KG 410.00

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