PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant Reel 1558mm wide 226g/m² 1 reel

pallet 1 reel natural

moisture resistant long grain


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PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant is environmentally-friendly unbleached board made from 100% agricultural waste. This sustainable board with its very low environmental impact has a natural light brown colour and is completely water and moisture resistant. The material is suitable for both food and non-food applications. PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant is certified for food safety (Regulation EC1935/2004), industrial composting (EN13432), home composting (DIN CERTCO Home Compostable) and is suitable for recycling through standard waste paper recycling schemes. This sustainable bio-board is ideal for printing in full colour using offset, flexo, and digital printing presses. PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant is ideally suited to use as bio-packaging for products containing moisture or for products that are stored in damp or humid conditions such as refrigerators and freezers. The material is also used to make bio drinking cups, sleeves, and food packaging for refrigeration and freezing. Give agricultural waste a new purpose with environmentally-friendly packaging from PaperWise, and communicate your environmentally-conscious choices with the PaperWise on-product logo.

Additional information

Weight 1115.0 kg

Product properties

Article number 204542
EAN code 7141237756711
Number of units per pallet 1
Products reels for printers / converters
Type of paper & board PaperWise Natural Moisture Resistant
Packaging unit (PU) pallet
Units per product packaging 1
Netto gewicht VPE in KG 1115.0
Gross weight PU in KG 1115,0
Execution reel
Colour natural
Property moisture resistant
Direction in which product is fed long grain
Grammage grammes/m² 226
Rol breedte in mm Ø1200
Rol lengte in mtr 3500
Diameter kern in mm Ø150
Rol buiten diameter in mm Ø1200
Details 100% agricultural waste, water and moisture resistant, recyclable, industrial and home compostable, direct food contact
Characteristics Industrial Compostable EN13432, ASTM 6400, DIN CERTCO Home Compostable, Direct Food Contact EC1935/2004, FDA, Italian Decreto Ministeriale, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Technical Specifications

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